un editorial din The Boston Globe publicat si in editia electronica a International Herald Tribune analizeaza ce se intampla acum in Iraq, pornind de la ultimul atac care a ucis 250 de persoane. Nu e un articol de investigatii sau un dosar de tara asa ca nu intra in foarte multe detalii despre tema sa „Intoleranta din Iraq”. cu toate acestea reuseste sa redea succint care este cauza haosului si violentelor care au pus stapanire pe aceasta tara.
Beyond the obvious struggles for power and resources, old sectarian and ethnic animosities – some from as far back as the 7th century – are being revived. Long-dormant vendettas between Shiites and Sunni Arabs, between Kurds and Turkmen, or between Islamists and secular Iraqis have been let loose.

Acknowledging this reality need not mean giving up all hope that Iraqis may eventually find ways to live in peace.

Still, for American policymakers, the lesson is that an invading power cannot destroy the administrative and security structures of a fragile society and expect to harvest a pluralist democracy. The lesson for the disparate Iraqi communities is that if they don’t find a way to live together, they will go on killing one another.

P.s. cauza atacurilor cu bomba care au declansat acest articol :

The chain of events leading up to the four huge bomb blasts Tuesday in three villages near the Syrian border apparently began months ago, when a 17-year-old Yazidi girl eloped with a Sunni and converted to Islam.

As punishment for what her community considered a violation of a religious taboo, she was stoned to death. A cellphone video of the stoning was circulated on the Internet, and seems to have incited attacks against members of the sect, including the murder of 23 Yazidi factory workers in April. The police said they were taken off a bus by killers from Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.

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P.S.  2: Sunt printre cei care au sustinut necesitatea interventiei americane in Iraq. din pacate nu a existat si un plan post-invazie