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Penn’s Microtrends

Mark Penn, the chief strategist of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, has a new book coming early next month called Microtrends. Penn was credited with identifying „soccer moms” as a key voter in the run up to President Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign.

In his new book, Penn identifies „new microtrends sweeping the world” that could find their way into Clinton’s campaign strategy:

  • Single women by choice: More often than ever before, they aren’t waiting for Mr. Right. They are raising children by themselves and buying their own homes.
  • Splitters: A growing number of middle-class residents are shuttling between two homes, creating new communities and dynamics in the real estate market.
  • Sun Haters: Environmentalists, skin cancer survivors, and parents concerned about the impact the sun is having on our health.
  • Philo-semites: A growing number of people want to date Jewish men and women.
  • Classical Music Dads: Older men who are fathers in their 40’s and 50’s and taking on a larger role in the nurturing of their children and becoming an important factor in consumer culture for kids.

Marc Ambinder makes another good observation about Penn: „His worldview is not materialistic; he knows that voters don’t always vote their pocket-books; they vote their values and aspirations. His are an attempt to explain why people often make choices that are inexplicable to the naked eye.”