că tot suntem în weekend…

cifrele pe care le veţi vedea mai jos nu au nevoie de comentarii. sunt parte a unui studiu Playboy despre „politica sexului”.

  • More people under 40 have sex at least once a week than vote for president once every four years.
  • 25% of all Republicans and 35% of all Democrats have had more than 10 sexual partners in their lifetime – a higher percentage than vote in congressional and local elections.
  • 55% of Republicans have sex at least once a week, compared with just 43% of Democrats.
  • 14% of Thompson supporters and 12% of Obama supporters claim to have sex „almost every day.” Just 5% of Clinton and Giuliani supporters have sex that frequently.
  • On average, Republicans say they were 18.4 years old when they first had sex. Independents were 17.6 and Democrats were 17.5.
  • 58% of respondents think Bill Clinton was the sexiest president of the past 40 years; Ronald Reagan is second, with 22%.
  • 38% say Richard Nixon was the least sexy; Bill Clinton is second, with 18%.
  • 23% of all Republicans and 24 percent of all Democrats would „definitely” or „probably” say yes to a one-night stand in the Oval Office with a president they found physically and sexually attractive.
  • 51% of all Republicans and 67% of all Democrats have watched porn with their sexual partners.
  • 55% of people who attend church every week consider themselves to be „sexually adventurous.”
  • Americans of both parties say they are more turned on by intelligence than by physical appearance.