cam asta e concluzia unui studiu la comanda Parlamentului European efectuat de Universitatea din Stockholm. românia  e pe locul 25 din 27 la reprezentarea femeilor în Parlament

ataşez tot documentul pentru cele/cei interesaţi şi recomandările:

1. With or without gender quotas, political parties should adopt action plans for recruiting an equal number of women and men as candidates for ‘winnable’ seats and, in general, for making party politics more inclusive.
2. Tools for gender monitoring of nominations and elections should be developed.
3. Multiple measures, such as capacity-building programmes, should be developed and applied.
5. If gender quotas are applied, they must be compatible with the electoral system if they are to be effective.
5. Explicit rules about the implementation of gender quotas, such as rank-ordering rules, legal sanctions for non-compliance (legislated quotas) and a ‘contract’ with the local party organisations (voluntary party quotas) are needed.
6. In the case of legislated quotas, institutional bodies should supervise the implementation. Money should be provided for further research on the implementation and effects of gender quotas.