căutam altceva pe site-ul Parlamentului European, dar am găsit un sondaj foarte interesant pe subiectul „Femeile şi alegeri europene”, făcut pe un eşantion de 35.000 de femei şi 5.500 de bărbaţi . câteva din concluzii (direct în engleză):

45% of women (totally agree) think that politics is dominated by men

32% of women in Europe (EU27) indicate that they have been already discriminated against

  • Gender discrimination at work is more often reported by women in the Czech Republic (78% of reported cases), the UK (76%) and Ireland (68%).
  • The highest incidence of unfair treatment in society on general is noted in Romania (65%), Portugal (64%) and in the UK (63%).

On average in the EU, 39% of women feel that their interests are represented by the EU („very well represented” and „fairly well represented”), versus 46% of women who believe that they are not and 16% who do not know.

Women believe that the activities of the European parliament have most impact on education (13% answered „high impact” plus another 31% believe this impact is moderate, together 44%).
Similar answers are given for the impact of the EP on their rights as women (9% say the impact is high, 35% say it is moderate, together 44%).
Women think that the EP has slightly less but still some impact on their welfare and working life (41% evaluate the impact as important or moderate).
The lowest impact the EP has on women’s family life (34% for „high” and „moderate”).

In the EU, on average, women give priority to equal pay for men and women (31% – dar doar 14% în România, doar Italia cu 11% fiind mai jos), followed by the fight against violence and the trafficking of women (27%) and equal employment opportunities (22%). Deşi media europeană e că acţiunile pentru asigurarea unei salarizări egale trebuie luate la nivel european, în România 61% consideră că trebuie luate la nivel naţional!!

48% of women and 39% of men think that at least half or even more of MEPs should be female.

documentul cu concluziile aici eurobarometru-women